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Why Site Speed Matters

Increase Conversions

When visitors have to wait even a few seconds for pages to load, they will leave your site. Get your message to customers fast, reach more customers, and provide a better experience. If you lost just 1 customer a month due to slow webpages, how much revenue would you lose?

Better Search Engine Rankings

Google uses page speed as a search engine ranking factor and promotes fast, mobile-optimized websites higher in search results. The easier and faster it is for your visitors to navigate your site, the higher Google will rank your site, especially on mobile.

Mobile Optimization

Cellular networks are slow, so your site needs to be extremely optimized to load fast on mobile. More than half of your visitors are probably viewing your site on their mobile device. Visitors expect pages to load in 2 seconds, but yours probably take more than 7. Visitors tend to abandon after 4 seconds.

Improved User Experience

No one likes a slow website. A faster site is a better experience. This allows you to get more of your message across to more customers more often. Customers expect a fast website, and anything else will negatively affect your brand.

What Does It Take To Make a WordPress Website Fast?

Optimized Code & Content

WordPress, plugins, and themes are not optimized for speed out of the box. There are hundreds of steps that could or should be taken to streamline the code and content from server to browser.

Fast Technology

If you use a slow web host and don’t take advantage of the latest technologies, your site can only go so fast. Picking the right mix of hosting and other site speed acceleration techniques, including WordPress HTTPS, is a requirement to achieve even minimum page speed objectives.

Ongoing monitoring & Tuning

Websites slow down over time. As new images and content are added, they need to be optimized. Your web server, database, and other technologies need optimization. Downtime should be analyzed. Your site needs ongoing monitoring, cleaning, and tuning to stay fast.

Best Practices & Expertise

Does your site employ standard best practices for speed and performance? Is it capitalizing on the latest advances? WordPress and website optimization is tough and takes years of experience and constant learning to make an average website sufficiently fast.

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