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WP Performance Pro was founded in 2015 and is based out of Seattle, Washington. WP Performance Pro is managed by Joe Fletcher, a WordPress developer & strategist who’s been building WP websites since 2005. Joe’s come to learn that WordPress slow sites are the norm if you don’t spend quite a bit of time and money configuring, coding, testing, tweaking, and testing some more.

Why is WordPress Slow?

Optimization work is complicated and beyond the skills of most website owners. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials and plugins that site owners can try, but those tend to be difficult to set up and can break your site if not done correctly.  Updating and maintaining the optimizations requires effort that is better spent growing your business.

Even for experienced developers, WordPress optimization is time-consuming, grueling work, and keeping track of ever-changing best practices is a challenge. Oftentimes, page speed optimization is left to the end of a project and never done, especially if the project didn’t include web performance specifications.

Google lowers your ranking in search engine results if your website is slow or slower than comparable sites.  Visitors will leave your site early if pages take too long to load, and that further hurts your SEO. Nobody likes slow loading webpages. Anything more than 2 seconds is too slow, and really pages should load in less than 150 milliseconds to feel “instant”.

Joe realized the need for a dedicated WordPress optimization service to speed up WordPress. He’s developed a set of standard best practices that can be easily applied across WordPress installations and customized for each individual circumstance.

Optimization requires experience and expertise.  We’ll figure out the right mix of technology, services, best practices, and ongoing support to make your slow WordPress site blazing fast.

Let WP Performance Pro do the hard work of optimizing your site. Contact us today for a free quote.

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