WordPress Optimization Best Practices

— Customized For Your Needs —

Best Practices We Recommend

Switch to HTTPS and HTTP/2

All websites today should use the latest version of HTTP – HTTP2! Released just a few years ago, this new protocol will automatically speed up your WordPress website by 30% or more.

To use HTTP/2, your site needs to use to HTTPS for all of its URLs. HTTPS is now a best practice, and Chrome will warn your visitors if you don’t use it.

If you want to setup HTTPS for WordPress, you can visit our parent site, Fletcher Digital.

Automatic Image Compression

WP Performance Pro uses the best image compression technologies in the business to reduce your image file sizes while maintaining high quality, so your pages load faster and look great.

We’ll set up automatic image optimization to compress your images upon upload into the WordPress media library.  The easiest way to get fast-loading images and a lighter website.

Automatic Code Optimization & Caching

Caching speeds up your site by pre-compiling your webpage and telling your browser to keep copies so it doesn’t re-download stuff on subsequent visits.

We implement techniques to first optimize and minimize the amount of code your site needs and then cache it for faster delivery.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN speeds up your website by pushing it closer to your visitors around the world. The closer your website’s images, javascript, and CSS are, the faster your pages load.

WP Performance Pro uses Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. Your WordPress website taps into the power of Amazon’s massive internet infrastructure to turbocharge your site.

Premium DNS (Anycast)

Speed up response times by utilizing premium DNS. When visitors go to www.yoursite.com, its IP address needs to be looked up. When you use a premium DNS service with “Anycast”, that DNS lookup happens around 250ms faster. This is an easy way to shave time off your page speed and improve your DNS reliability & uptime.

WordPress Optimized Web Hosting

Take your speed to the next level by hosting it on industry leading, WordPress-optimized, super fast web hosting. Quality hardware, technology, and know-how specifically tuned for making WordPress fast.

We will evaluate your particular needs and budget and recommend a hosting option that will work best for you. Options range from managed WordPress shared hosting, highly optimized VPS implementations, & even load-balanced distributed cloud hosting.

WordPress hosting should include these features:

  • WordPress knowledgeable hosting support
  • Firewall, malware scanning, and security fixes
  • Staging sites to quickly replicate your site, test changes, and push live
  •  Backup & Restore to instantly revert to a backup

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Ongoing Optimization

Managed WordPress Updates

You’ve got to keep your WordPress updated to take advantage of security updates, new features, and performance improvements. We’ll make sure your WordPress is up to date. We’ll update your plugins and run site-wide security audits on a regular basis.

Plugin Updates and Security Audits

Ongoing WP maintenance requires frequent plugin updates and security audits. Some plugins update several times a month. Let a knowledgeable WordPress developer take care of these and keep your site performing at an optimal level. Don’t let a failed plugin update break your site!

Spam Cleaning and Database Optimization

Keep your WordPress installation clean and running fast. We will clear out spam and make sure your database is optimized on a regular basis.

Rapid Recovery: Restore from Backups

For peace of mind, we make sure your entire site is backed up and easily restored if and when trouble occurs. This includes offsite backups for your code, images, and databases. If anything goes wrong, your site can be restored immediately.

Website Performance Monitoring

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. We hook up diagnostics to monitor your performance over time. If something is slowing down your site, we can step in and further tweak settings and boost performance.

We’ll implement uptime monitoring to be sure your site is up and running, and should it go down, send an alert to get it back up fast.

Speed Related Support

All WordPress support, maintenance, and implementations are done with site speed in mind. We can evaluate and recommend options based on overall impact on results and performance.

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